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Molded products are made of MDF and covered with natural veneer, veneer fine-line, PVC coating or soltex. Veneer molding is additionally covered with polyurethane lacquer similar to the doors

Molded products include door box, trims and finishing accessories. The company produces molding of two types: standardand telescopic.

Standard molding

The door box should have a sealant. Trims are available in flat and semicircular form to design openings with different door models. Trims are fixed to the door using finishing nails, sealant or "liquid nails".

Telescopic molding

Telescopic molding provides a more modern system of door unit mounting. Telescopic box with sealant features specials lots for installing trim and finishing accessories. As the result, installation of the trim to transoms and the box no longer requires fasteners. If necessary, telescopic trims and transoms can be pulled out of the slots of the box, which is very convenient during renovation works. Door box is also provided with a sealant and ​​two slots on the edges for installing trims or transoms. Trims are​​L-shaped.

Decorative molding

To add further exquisite door design the company “Zodchij” offers several types of special decorative molding capitals. They are made of two side and one upper trim is made ​​with patterned cutting. Each door in the product line of the company can be designed with the right style capitol.

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