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Space combining solutions


The Company «Zodchij» — is the largest producer in the Volga region, combining four factories producing a wide range of products for integrated solutions in regards to interior designin the uniform style.     
The production capacity of the company “Zodchij" is represented by four factories: veneer end doors factory in the city of Novocheboksarsk, stairs factory in settlement of Lesnoi near the city of Cheboksary, factories producing interior doors using PVC coating and soptexas well as metal entrance doors located in the settlement of Kugesi, in the Region of Cheboksary. 

One of the main distinguishing features of our company is the application of the full cycle method. We do everything ourselves: from the moment we receive the raw product, a high-quality wood,to the moment of a completely finished door coming out of our shop.
Continuous improvement of production technologies and timely upgrading of the factory helps the company “Zodchij” remain one of the leaders on the Russian market.

богатый ассортимент1.jpgRich product line  

Products of the company “Zodchij” include more than 100 models in more than 70 colors.Entrance metal doors of different arrangements, interior doors, arches, sliding systems coated with veneer, PVC, Soltex, painted with oil or enamel according to RAL.

Range of models covers all styles - Classic,Modern, Art Deco, Hight-Tech; models can fit every interior in compliance with your design.The distinguishing feature of our models lies in different types of finishes, patination, molded elements, diamond engraving sormatted glass patterns, crystals, glass fusing, stained glass. Accessories of private label MADOS give each model a final decortouch.

The range of company products also includes a large selection of stairs: wooden stairs made oak or birch,with metal design elements or without them in compliance with any interior.

Цветовая гамма.pngWide range of colors

To meet any buyers taste preferences as much as possible,our range of colors include more than 20colors of veneer, more than 40 colors of PVC coatings,SOLTEX and a new feature – painting natural veneer with oils of different colors, painting with enamel with possibility to choose colors according to RAL.

В наличии.pngAvailable doors and stairs

Warehouses of the company “Zodchij”maintain stable stock reserve of finished products of the most popular standard sizes and colors with a number around 15,000 panels, which ensures the possibility of dispatching products to buyers as soon as possible.

This stock reserve is a kind of“a safety cushion”that allows dispatching finished products even during the mostactive periods of ordering without creating queues on the orders.

нестандартные.pngIrregular sizes

Production capacities of Zodchij factories and approved product line allow producing interior door panels mostly ranging in width from 400 to 950mm.(for single panels); maximum height tin most cases is up to 2300 mm. For openings exceeding this height, we can offer additional transoms. Order pitch of panels within thisrangeis10mm.Thus, a“Zodchij” door will fit any, even the most individual and irregular openings of your house. Wide range of designs on the depth, width, height of the opening also includes arches manufactured by the company. The same applies to sliding systems.

Гарантии.pngQuality assurance

"Zodchij” product quality is an area of continuous improvement. It includes your satisfaction with the purchase, our reputation, your recommendations made regarding our products to friends and acquaintances and your loyalty to the “Zodchij” brand in the future. Therefore, every technological production stage from receipt of the purchase draw materials and components to the transfer of the finished product to the warehouse includes quality department workers who thoroughly suppress any possible deviations from standards on a daily basis, yielding only high-quality products.

These measures allow presenting a 3-yearwarranty for all “Zodchij” brand panels starting with the date of manufacture. Entrance and interior doors made by LLC"Zodchij", correspond to the requirements of GOST31173-23and GOST475-78. 

“The product quality” concept in the company “Zodchij” is viewed from a broader perspective than just the direct meaning of this concept and is a part of the quality area for all business processes: customers’ support, service and much more.

косплексное оформление1.jpgComplex interior design

Most importantly, the company “Zodchij” can provide each customer with a
complex solution for all openings design in your interior. We can offer arches, stairs, interior and entrance doors, sliding systems in a uniform style and color.

Сервисное обслуживание.pngSales service

Should any complaints arise regarding the quality of the products or services, please dial the toll-free phone number8-800-555-66-71.

близость1.jpgProximity to buyer

Dealer network covers more than300 cities in Russia. Company regional offices operate in Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Cheboksary, Kazan, Yoshkar-Ola, Kirov, Sevastopol, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Established system of logistics and territorial warehouses allow us to execute customer orders as soon as possible. 

Communities where products are presented. "Zodchij"
Employees work in all Russian
Doors are produced on a monthly basis by the company "Zodchij"

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