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July 23, 1999 — is the day when the factory was founded in the city of Novocheboksarsk, Republic of Chuvashia. In December, the first made​​-to-order stair was manufactured. Intensive re-equipment of production capacity helped to produce the first door of solid wood in June 2000. The company produces linings, cribs, doors made of solid birch and oak, veneered and laminated furniture.

On November 1, 2001the company-owned retail networkwas founded «World of Doors»

By 2003, the company focused exclusively on production of stairs made of natural wood and more affordable and popular veneer doors, while other products were removed from the product line. The first veneered door of Diana model was released in the spring. A stair production factory finally settles in the settlement of Lesnoi, near the city of Cheboksary.

In 2004, the first 5 stairs’ models of the Builder series were developed and launched into production, with modelsK-001 and K-005 as most successful and in demand from buyers.

On December 2, 2007a new production site of the company was founded in the settlement of Kugesi, region of Cheboksary, Republic of Chuvashia with equipment being installed. The first door with PVC coating of Anastasia model was produced in May.

In November2008 company-owned shop for processing door glass was equipped and started operating hence canceling dependence on suppliers and reduced door production time. In 2009, a series of Style doors were put into production, which enjoyed strong demand and buyers’ love for many years now.

December 2, 2010 – founding of the fourth factory producing metal doors now was accomplished.

To date, the company has many accomplishments:

  • Three types if coatings are used for interior doorscover: veneer, PVC coating and soltex,
  • 35 models of veneered doors using 21 colors of natural veneer and fine line veneer,
  • 54 models of doors with PVC coating and soltex in 30 colors,
  • 9 models of metal doors in 7 colors,
  • 17 models of stairs in 8 colors,
  • The number of company employees in the entire country exceeded one and half thousand people,
  • 8 personal representative offices throughout the country in a key cities and one foreign branch in Ukraine,
  • More than 1700 dealers sell company products in more than 300 communities throughout the country,
  • Monthly production of various door panels exceeds 13,000 items.

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