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Interior doors coated with natural wood veneer, painted with oil or enamel, lined with PVC – coating, Soltex or EcoVeneer. Aesthetic. Reliable. Certified. Doors for facilities. Fireinterior doors.3-year warranty.
Stairs made of oak and birch, as well as metal stairs. Different finishes, ready-made builders and individual orders. Straight, spiral, small size, sloped and attic.
Quality metal 1.5 or 2 mm., all-bent panel, boxes, different in functionality, optimal insulation, thoughtful structural element of stiffeners, over 10 types of finishes, decorative panels design, a wide variety of locks, forging, fire doors. Manufactured under GOST.3-year warranty.
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The production capacity of the company «Zodchij» is represented by four factories: veneered doors factory in the city of Novocheboksarsk, stairs factory in the settlement of Lesnoi, near the city of Cheboksary, factories producing interior doors using PVC coating and soltex as well as metal entrance doors locatedin the settlement of Kugesi, Region of Cheboksary.

Continuous improvement of production technologies and timely up grades of factories help the company “Zodchij” remain one of the leaders on the Russian market.

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