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Metal doors are composed of several parts: the door of the box (jamb frame), linens, locks, finishes and accessories (door handles, peephole, etc.). The door leaf consists of a metal sheet, reinforced by vertical and horizontal edges of rigidity. On the web with one or two sides attached decorative panels. Door leaf is hung on hinges in steel box door, and the frame is installed in the doorway. The door leaf and door box filled with heat and noise insulation insulation Knauf Termo Roll. Metal doors are manufactured in accordance with GOST 31173-2003, has been certified.

For metal doors architect company uses high-quality cold-rolled steel with thickness of 1.5 mm for all major models and 1.2 mm for fire doors.

Billet of steel sheets treated on the floor of the automated line of imported equipment. At the center of the coordinate punched holes locks, eyes, pins, fasteners, etc. In the cavity of the door leaf for rigid connection of external and internal sheet welded vertical and horizontal reinforcement profiles. To protect against penetration when sawing hinge door units are equipped with locking protivosёmnymi devices that are installed in the loop area.

Apply powder-polymer coating, at 180-220 °C for 30 minutes baked paint. Thermospray powder is the most resistant to negative external influences type of finish, besides it is the most practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The door leaf is filled with heat and noise insulation environmentally friendly mineral material Knauf Termo Roll. Thanks to the vertical and horizontal stiffeners insulation securely held within the web and does not move down within the life of the door. The doors are equipped with locks, "eyes", seals. In accordance with the order set the bar the color you want and models. The inner panel is removable and can be easily replaced by specialists.

In stock factory always have an ample supply of metal doors in standard sizes in the most popular colors, so the company can execute any order as soon as possible.

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