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The life cycle begins with the usual door pine logs, boards which are dried in the drying chambers to perfection with 7% moisture, and then cut to the bars. From blanks future door carefully cut all evil plots, it is a question only in high-quality wood. The bars are spliced with each other, on one side of the bar immediately bonded layer of MDF, edge is the future for doors with PVC coating and solteksom. To the edge of veneered MDF doors are not glued, primed them further.

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From bars stacked frame doors. If the door leaf is glass, the upper end immediately formed a slit through which the glass will be installed later. If the door leaf is dull, the interior space is filled with honeycomb. Each side door fits layer MDF.

After milling and patterning door leaf carefully polished and coated liner (PVC-coated or solteksom). Veneered door is covered with natural veneer and veneer fine-line, milled and polished. On the web site of the painting give the desired shade and lacquered. Bagetnye framework for filёnchatyh doors are made from natural birch, some models are coated veneer doors for others color.

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In an open canvas mounted glass, attach moldings, fusing and crystals. Fixed glass silicone sealant, through which windows will not rattle during operation. If the glass will break accidentally, the buyer can replace it yourself through the process groove in the upper end of the door, and even secure seal.

If the opening in the room is very high, but do not want to order custom tall doors, the upper part of the space above the door can be closed transom. Company & laquo; Architect & raquo; manufactures transoms in a remote execution.Separately, it must be emphasized that after each process parameters paintings meticulously checks OTC own service. In the final, before packing the door is stamped OTC. The door is packed in cardboard and tape, each product comes with a passport.

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