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Space combining solutions


DSC01724.JPGProduction of stairs begins on the blank area where rough lumber drying passes and cutting. Production Company Stairs Architect equipped with high-tech and drying chamber. Cutting pieces accompany the selection by species and categories, cut the place of marriage with knots, etc., spliced into bars, picking up the texture.

Glued panels are cut from the necessary details of the future staircase, unconditional decoration which will be shaped and carved details. After harvesting all the necessary elements they arrive on site sanding. Thereafter, the processing, it includes eight color toning. Primarily applied dye, then the soil after drying parts are sanded and coated with polyurethane varnish that maintains the color for years to come and protect from scratches.

Throughout the production cycle TCI staff check the conformity of the product passport parameters of the order, which is issued for each custom stairs. Before packing the finished product is going to control at the test site to verify the accuracy of all the details of manufacture to assembly and installation of the product the customer was comfortable and not laborious.

Proven ladder with printing OTC packaged for further transportation to the customer. Each set of instructions for assembling stairs concise sequence of actions by which even a layman can at home to collect this product easily.


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