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Space combining solutions


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1. Flexible discount system, which effectively stimulates our customers to a long-term cooperation;
2. Fast processing of orders within few hours;
3. Advertisement support;
4. Assigning a region to you;
5. Complete exhaustive information about our products, topical webinars, factory visits, trainings;
6. Redirection of orders to you from your region;
7. Profitable conditions in providing exhibition product samples and opening a company store.

Proposal on doors
Reasonable prices
Moderate price range – we work in the most demanding price segment from 5000 to 10000 RUB.;

Wide range
Wide range of more than 100models, more than 70color options, natural wood veneer, PVC coating, Soltex, EkoVeneer, VINORIT; painted with oil and enamel; a wide range of designs, irregular sizes, company-owned line of door accessories MADOS;

Complex proposals                      
Unique complex proposal at the market «Zodchij» factories produce stairs, metal entrance doors, interior doors, arches, décor elements, interior – whole range of products can be selected in the uniform style and color;

Quality assurance
All panels are manufactures by the company. We provide a 3-year warranty;

Optimum manufacturingtime  
Product manufacturing time is from 5 to 8 working days;

Company stockalways contains up to 15,000 panels ready to be dispatched;

Proposals for stairs
Sales geography
The “Zodchij” trademark is well known to residents of over 57majorregions, including Moscow, St.Petersburg, Novosibirsk,Vladivostok and Sevastopol.

Wide range of products
We offer 26 models of finished stairs. We also offer our new development — modified finished stairs. This is an opportunity to assemble stairs using standard elements based on a ready-made “Builder” series of stairs with a constant pitch, which allows using stair models for different sizes of stair openings and room heights. 

Complex proposals
By acquiring stairs by us, you can also select from our interior and entrance doors, arches and sliding systems in a uniform color and style.

Quality assurance
12 months warranty for all types of design.

Optimum manufacturingtime
Manufacturing time is from 14 to 60 working days

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Our products are sold in more than 1,000 sales outlets throughout Russian! Do not miss themoment!   
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VENEERED DOORS FACTORY428900, Republic of Chuvashia, City of Novocheboksarsk, 57 A Promyshlennaia Str.
Reception: +7 (8352) 77-80-56

Factory for the production of metal doors.429500, Republic of Chuvashia, Settlement of Kugeci, 14 Teplichnaia Str.
Reception: +7 (83540) 2-49-14
Sales Department: +7 (8352) 64-19-60

PVC coating doors factory 429500, Republic of Chuvashia, Settlement of Kugeci, 14 Teplichnaia Str.
Reception: +7 (83540) 2-49-14
Sales Department: +7 (8352) 64-19-60

Stairs factoryRepublic of Chuvashia, Cheboksary urban district, Settlement of Lesnoi
Tel: +7 (8352) 24-05-65, 44-92-49

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