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Entrance doors

*Рекомендуемая розничная цена за остекленное полотно в стандартном размере. Наценка за нестандартный размер составляет 20% (нестандарт по высоте и ширине не суммируется). Предложение не является публичной офертой. Цены уточняйте у менеджеров.

Part of the complex offers are metal entrance doors, interior panels that can be made in the same style as the interior doors.

Steel doors are made by processing high-quality sheet metal on modern foreign and domestic equipment. With its own production facilities and design office, the company & laquo; Architect & raquo; can solve complex technical problems in the design. Doors are made by specialists developed the processing chain. At each stage of production doors are mandatory quality control.

Advantages of “Zodchij” metal doors:

1. Complex proposals for all customers. The company, using its own production facilities, produces entrance doors, interior doors, arches. The uniform style of all openings in the room with a wide variety of designs and colors all serve for realize customers’ fantasies. Internal panel for metal doors can be made in the same style as the interior door. Another advantage of an internal panel is the possibility to replace It if it is damaged or a buyer wishes to install doors in a different style.

2. Broad stock program includes the most popular models, ready for installation, so the buyer can get the products in the shortest time and no longer think about the safety of his/her apartment.

3. Ability to complete custom order: irregular size of the door, several options of exterior facings, internal panels in the style of interior doors, transoms (includingseparate versions), shelves, etc.

4. Doors are equipped with two Guardian locks with different classes of break-in resistance to ensure reliable and confident protection against burglary. This system is recommended by the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation as the most optimal.

5. To fill the door panel, the company applies Knauf Termo Roll insulation. It is made of mineral fibers, non-flammable, meets environmental standards. Unlike polyurethane foam and construction foam, it is harmless and does not emit any toxic substances, has an improved noise and thermal insulation.

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