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Locking and other devices are just about the major details in metal doors serving as a protector against external unwanted intrusion.

Reliable entrance doors of the company “Zodchij” are equipped with two high-quality locks from different classes of break-in resistance produced by “Guardian”: main lever lock and additional cylinder lock. Combination of locks and their type depend on the model of the door.

The first lock is more massive, performing force functions and serves as a key lock, with the secret part including set of shaped plates (levers). Latch projection moves in their notches. Turning of the key and moving of the latch is only possible if the key groove ridges bring all the levers in the corresponding position.

Cylinder locks consist of two parts: the latch drive (mechanism) and the secret replacement part (cylinder). The factory installs high security perforated cylinder locks APECS. Cylinder lock can be further protected by a special device–armored plate. Depending on the model, it is mounted on the lock housing or outer plate and protects the lock cylinder from being drilled and knocked out.

Almost every model is provided with options of additional locks or replacement of the main ones with another one at the customers’ request.

It is recommended to install only lever locks for the door intended to be used as the street door.

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