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Interior Doors

Interiordoors. The range of interior doors includes solutions for both Economy class, with low cost and Luxury class, as well as office doors. To add distinction and luxury to your interior design.

The product line of interior doors consists of three series: Renaissance, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Each series is intended for your own target group of consumers, unlike other design that caters to the needs of different customers.

Renaissance series

Renaissance door series embody not obsolete classic style that is relevant at all times, despite the vagaries of fashion. These doors were in the range of the first factory, they differ affordable price.

Construction boards and canvases filenchataya.

Modern series

Modern series — door with a modern appearance, stylish, original, filled with ease and grace. They will undoubtedly bring to the interior refinement and a combination of painterly effects. 

Construction boards and canvases team.

Series Art Deco

Doors Series Art Deco is characterized by straight lines, precise proportions, rigor and minimalism. This exclusive and original doors that will attract everyone's attention and emphasize the extraordinary taste of the owner of the house. 

Construction boards and canvases tsargovaya. 

For doors facing the company uses three types of coatings: veneer, PVC coating and solteks, including any buyer would find the right according to your taste and budget.

Veneered doors

Fans of all natural ecology and turned his gaze on the door coated with natural veneer veneer or fine-line.

Unique wood pattern, juicy texture, warm smooth natural veneer is a thin slice of wood, will not leave anyone indifferent. Color and texture pattern veneer totally dependent on one type of wood, from which made veneer. Its tinted or coated with a patina to give different shades. To preserve the moisture and temperature changes veneered doors necessarily cover 2-3 layers of lacquer with pre-primer.

Veneer sheet fine-line - it's a great simulation of different types of wood veneer with a fixed and stable shades. It is produced from natural veneer of softwood. Veneer sheets are cut and paint over, giving each of them the right shade. They are then added so that these layers form a desired colored image, such as color and texture Wenge.

Benefits veneered doors:

  • beautiful natural wood pattern,
  • the ability to combine different types of veneer on one canvas,
  • perfect for interior design,
  • protected by several layers of varnish from moisture and damage,
  • wide variety of colors,
  • strong and durable,
  • door lighter than Solid
  • affordable

Doors with PVC coating and solteksom

Doors with PVC-coated prefer those buyers who do not want to pay more money, but at the same time seeking to acquire a durable and high-quality product. PVC material does not fade from sunlight, abrasion resistant, has high plasticity, it chemical-, heat- and moisture-resistant, not flammable and non-toxic. The choice of colors PVC coating is so diverse that there is exactly the right shade of the buyer.

Advantages of PVC coating:

  • not subjected to aging,
  • resistant to mechanical and chemical damages,
  • resistant to weathering and low temperatures,
  • resistant to UV rays (high light fastness)
  • has high strength,
  • resistance to staining,
  • cleanability
Innovators choose door solteksom - reinforced ekoshponom, modern coating of the latest generation, very successful invention of materials from the leading manufacturers of polymers. Unlike conventional ekoshpona which is less durable and quickly covered with scratches, solteks - dense and durable material has a lot of positive qualities. Pattern on the surface of the material and its structure is very faithfully replicate the wood pattern. Light texture perfectly mimics the original wood pattern that quite important when choosing the color of the door.

Doors painted enamel

A collection of painted doors very clean lines, elegant ease. The undoubted advantage of this product is able to paint in any color RAL, which extends the possibilities for interior design. Environmental friendliness are certified: enamel used for coloring can be used, including the manufacture of children's furniture.
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