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Sliding systems

*Рекомендуемая розничная цена за остекленное полотно в стандартном размере. Наценка за нестандартный размер составляет 20% (нестандарт по высоте и ширине не суммируется). Предложение не является публичной офертой. Цены уточняйте у менеджеров.

Molded products are made of MDF and covered with natural veneer, veneer fine-line, PVC coating or soltex. Veneer molding is additionally covered with polyurethane lacquer similar to the doors

This is a great find form for modern interior renewal. It gives the interior an additional lightness and airiness, while making the room significantly lighter and visually increasing space.

Interior partitions are becoming more popular in our country. This is due to their practical convenience and attractive look. The intended purpose of sliding interior walls is to delineate space in the room, separate, for example, the eating area from the living room or bedroom area. For office delineating rooms with large doorways. However, they can also serve as a decorative element of the interior.

Interior partitions design allows installing them almost anywhere you need to delineate premises and save space at the same time. The frame of the sliding system wing consists of MDF solid wood, while framing of opening is made of MDF, with veneer, PVC coating or soltex.

Currently, the factory is able to produce partitions in all colors of PVC coatings, soltex and veneer fine-line. To give strength and durability of the surface, the veneer is treated with polyurethane lacquer, except for whitewashed oak veneer hat is coated with acrylic lacquer.

Каркас створки раздвижной системы состоит из массива сосны и МДФ, обрамление проема выполняется из МДФ, облицованным шпоном, ПВХ-покрытием или солтексом.

В настоящее время фабрика имеет возможность выпускать перегородки во всех цветах ПВХ-покрытий, солтекса и шпона файн-лайн. Для прочности и долговечности поверхность шпона обрабатывается полиуретановым лаком, кроме шпона выбеленный дуб, его покрывают акриловым лаком.

25перегородка с триплексом разного цвета.jpg

Manufacturing capabilities of the factory allow producing panels in two or more colors, should there be a demand on the part of the customer. For example, standard in dark colors, horizons in bright. As long as it looks good in the interior and suits the buyers.

Triplex in the wings of the partition can be white or black. Currently, work is underway on the development of other shades of glass and patterning on the triplex using the matting method specifically for sliding partitions. However, even now there is a possibility to order partitions with different colors triplex on one panel: for example, upper and lower glasses are black, and two middle glasses are white. Such combination of glasses can vary. It is important to correctly specify the customer’s wishes when ordering.

Sliding partitions include additional options:

1. The Synchronizer ensures the synchronized opening of two doors– simultaneous closing/opening of two doors with a single hand motion;

2. Soft closing/opening is provided by a closer – smooth and quiet closing and opening of a system that requires no additional movements. Just set in motion the wing of partitions in one way or another;

3. Handle-lock allows you to close the partition with a key thus restricting access to the room.

Interior partitions may consist of two, three or more wings, depending on the opening function type and width of the opening. The location of the wings in the opening or outside the opening also serves as a design difference of various types of partitions.

General characteristics for all types of partitions

The wing thickness is38 mm. The height and width of the wing may vary depending on the number of wings in the system, width and height of the opening.

Wings parameters

min, mm

max, mm





1 900

2 450*



Parameters change pitch: 20mm in width, 10 mm in height.

Suspended panels use triplex glass of white and black color and thickness of 4.7mm.

When making the openings it is recommended to provide the upper part with a wooden beam of not less than40x100mm section along the entire length of the opening due to the considerable weight of the entire sliding system. Openings made ​​of drywall without an inset beam are unsuitable.

The customer can order the sliding system together with design of opening or without opening design. 

Complete set of details to arrange opening includes:

    • Telescopic transoms,
    • Telescopic casings,
    • Decorative plate (false panels),
    • Rail runner (aluminum profile A-8-3),
    • Trim strip bracket,
    • Inset beam.

When ordering partitions without design of opening, side transoms and side trims will be excluded, all other details remain.

Images of partitions without openings design in the interior

Desire to install sliding system without openings design could be conditioned by the following reasons:

  • Thickness of opening on one side is more or less than the opening on the other side,
  • If opening reveals are well finished and require no further decoration,
  • If the sliding system is installed in the room from one wall to another, dividing one large room into two.

A pit fall for the buyer could be some roughness of the inner surface of the wall that will be visible after the installation of the plane close against the wall. You can prepare an opening in advance (plaster, drywall), but in such cases the company “Zodchij” suggest installing a bump inside the opening, which will give the doorway a finished look.

When installing a partition in the opening, false panels are used to design openings of 80 mm wide; outside of the opening its widthis130 mm.

Complete set of interior partitions include:

    • Telescopic transoms,
    • Telescopic casings,
    • Decorative plate (false panels), covering sliding mechanism,
    • Rail runner (aluminum profile A-8-3), 1 item and more,
    • Trim strip bracket,
    • Suspended adjustment gear with rollers,
    • Lower profile under carrier,
    • Lower carrier,
    • Handles, 4 items and more,
    • Suspended panels of sliding system, 2 items and more,
    • Inset beam,
    • End stop with roller,
    • Drivescrews,
    • Fired pin,
    • Pile weather-stripping.

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