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«Zodchij Stairs» is the largest producer on the territory of the Russian Federation, which makes alterations to the doorways, heights and customers’ wishes based on serial finished models. At the same time, the consumer receives the factory quality and not an individual design, which significantly reduces the cost of the order.
The company values ​​the results obtained and appreciates ​​the trust of its partners. Constant striving for development allows us to fulfill the desires of our customers and partners. Improvement of products, assortment optimization, and creation of new models –all result in better and more affordable products.

The product line of wooden stairs consists of four series: Classic, Small-Size, Spiral and Modern. Each series is designed for its own target group of consumers, distinguished by technical data and design that helps satisfy the needs of different customers.

Classic series

Classic series stairs embody a non-aging classic style relevant to all times, despite the vagaries of fashion. These stairs appeared first in the factory product line and are noted for affordable price.

Small-size series

Small-Size stairs were created for small openings, where more sloped models cannot be installed. They are often used in small houses, cottages, garages, offices, etc.

Spiral series

Spiral stairs are the perfect addition to any interior. Due to the lightness and transparency of structure, such stairs create a special atmosphere while its compact size makes it the best solution for minimum size premises.

Modern series

Modern style stairs is a kind of art object, "an appeal" of the interior. Since this style absolutely excludes any decor, rich texture of wood, gloss chrome-plated details, metal nobility, and strict design of a handrail function as décor here. These stairs give the feeling of free, light saturated space.

Sloping stairs series

This series of stairs is a prototype of popular models of Classics series. They are made with a more sloped pitch 180 by 250mm (180 mm – height of a riser, 250 mm – tread width, 300mm – width of the step). The difference between these models is that the winder part consists of 3 and6steps respectively. Climbing these stairs is convenient and safe; they will be the best choice for families with small children and the elderly.

Modular stairs

Modern, durable and aesthetic solution of a new generation. The main advantage of modular stairs is the speed of installation, while the strength of the metal structure gives a sense of secure footing.

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